The Street Ryan Team


  • Wayne Street, Executive Chairman

    Graduate in mathematics and earth sciences with postgraduate credentials in urban studies. Professional affiliations include:

    - Adjunct Professor in Advanced Food Systems, College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University.

    - Certified Practising Marketer and Fellow, Australian Marketing Institute

    - Certified Practising Management Consultant and Member, Institute of Management Consultants in Australia

    - Member, Australian Institute of Management

    Wayne has been involved in regional economic development initiatives for more than 35 years, in metropolitan, provincial, rural and remote areas of every Australian state and territory. He founded Street Ryan in 1981 following several years as a regional development practitioner at Bathurst Orange Development Corporation and the University of New South Wales, and in strategic and operations research at a Melbourne based transport research organisation.

    Wayne is one of Australia’s most active facilitators and managers in establishing clusters, networks, supply chains and alliances (including domestic and international business networks, domestic and international business supply chains, and regional community and organisational networks). Street Ryan frequently remains involved in economic development initiatives well beyond the planning and feasibility stages; during implementation and even commercial operation.Wayne’s commitment to regional and community organisations extends to an ongoing involvement on several Boards and management teams.

    At Street Ryan, Wayne has taken specific responsibility for steering the company's expertise and involvement in:

    - Regional economic and community development

    - Management of regional clusters

    - Program evaluations

    - Business planning, value-adding and diversification

    - Export planning

    - Business networking, supply chain management, and

    - Sport and recreation development, planning and monitoring systems

    - Modelling, demographic and analytical assessments.

  • Joan Gleeson, Executive Director

    Joan is an honours graduate in economics (University of New England) with additional credentials in business and corporate planning. She is a Certified Management Consultant and a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia.

    Joan joined Street Ryan in 1982 and became a Director in 1986. Prior to that she worked in the banking, telecommunications and transport research industries. Joan has worked with a wide range of industries requiring skills and expertise in a similarly wide range of areas. She has worked with all tiers of government, with community groups and with private companies. During this time, Joan has developed long standing relationships with many clients as well as other consultancy companies with whom she collaborates on a regular basis.

    Since joining Street Ryan she has established a substantial reputation in the fields of:

    - regional and business development

    - community development

    - industry contribution analyses

    - feasibility and impact assessments

    - socio demographic analysis, forecasting and data mapping

    - needs analyses

    - program evaluations.

    Many of the projects Joan has been involved with have a regional focus, and regional economic and community development remains a passion. Other streams of work that have remained a constant throughout most of her working life include socio demographic and other forms of quantitative analysis servicing the transport industry, major sporting organisations as well as other industry and business specific applications.

  • David Gregory , Principal Consultant

    David is a science and economics graduate(Sydney University), has a postgraduate diploma in Agribusiness (Monash University) and has a postgraduate degree (masters) in Philosophy in Business and Marketing(ANU). He has a long career in agribusiness and agricultural development having worked as a Trade Commissioner (Agriculture) in Rome, followed by a range of senior positions within the Commonwealth Government including Director of the AusIndustry Agribusiness Program, Project Manager Supermarket to Asia Ltd’s Food and Fibre Chains program and General Manager of the Food Chain Program for the National Food Industry Strategy Ltd.

    Since 2005 David has worked with Street Ryan in a contract capacity on a range of projects. His specialist skills are in providing advice on commercial and business development, including the application of modern business and marketing practices, particularly in the agribusiness value chain.

  • Wendy Jerrard, Consultant


    Wendy is a graduate in business (majoring in hospitality and tourism). Wendy originally joined Street Ryan’s Brisbane office as a permanent staff member in 1993 and built considerable expertise in socio demographic analysis, market research, business planning and feasibility assessments. She has been a key member of our project team in a range of economic development strategies and has been instrumental in designing and managing a range of consultation processes.

    In recent years Wendy has worked as an occasional team member in the design of our databases, and advising on information technology needs as well as a number of program evaluations, regional development strategies, recruitment and career development strategies and feasibility and impact assessments. Wendy has excellent market research and analysis skills and a sound appreciation of data availability and integrity. She also has extensive experience with community consultation and a demonstrated ability to liaise effectively with a wide variety of audiences.

  • Kay Eyles, Consultant


    Kay’s formal qualifications are in Banking (Diploma in Banking and Finance) and Marketing (Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing). Kay’s professional affiliations include:

    - Member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia

    - Senior Associate of the Australian Institute of Bankers

    - Justice of the Peace, and Member, Honorary Justices Association.

    She has been part of the Street Ryan team since 1994, following a 25 year career in banking, investment and marketing. Her role in the banking industry included branch bank manager, personal investment manager, marketing manager and portfolio management of high net-worth clients.

    Kay has been an integral member of project teams on a range of assignments involving industry research and stakeholder feedback, program evaluations, needs assessments, impact assessments, performance and effectiveness evaluations, business and community plans. In recent years Kay has managed surveys and consultations for many Street Ryan projects.

  • Peter Shepherd, Managing Director, Business & Community Developments

    Peter is Managing Director of our Darwin branch, Business and Community Developments Pty Ltd (Business and Community Developments is a part subsidiary of Street Ryan and Associates Pty Ltd, incorporated in the Northern Territory).

    His expertise includes Small Business Training (eg managing and delivering Small Business Workshops for the Northern Territory Government. The program offers a range of three hour workshops on business start up and management), Business Diagnostics, Planning, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategies and Business Assessments and initial Feasibility reports.

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